About Dubai

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city that effortlessly offers all the elements for a memorable and magical holiday - sun, sand, surf, shopping and sightseeing, and then some...

While Dubai is dynamic and truly modern, it has also retained many of the cultural traditions established by its erstwhile nomads, fishermen, pearl divers, desert-dwellers and traders. This means that in a matter of mere hours, you can take in the vast expanses of the Arabian desert or soaring steel towers; shop at age-old souks or at sophisticated shopping malls, participate in international water sports or enjoy a drive through rugged mountain villages.

For many centuries, Dubai has served as a warm and welcoming port for traders from the East and the West: Marco Polo described the city as a bustling commercial centre when he visited Dubai. The bustling metropolis is now the nerve-centre of trade and commerce in the economically vibrant region, and serves as a strategic springboard to the US$ 200 billion Middle East consumer market. The UAE is the third largest economic power in the Arab world, where every one in 67 residents is a millionaire. (Source: Annual Arab Economic Report 2000, Arab Monetary Fund).

Today, Dubai lends full credit to the title, 'The Best of East and West', with its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, and serving as the gateway to the Gulf states, the Middle East, the CIS, East Africa and the Asian subcontinent.

Tour Dubai

Your trip to Dubai is not complete without a City Sight Seeing Tour

Desert Safari is the most popular tour in the UAE - the Famous dune Bashing through the Desert and an evening in the Bedouin Desert Camp with Barbecue Dinner and Belly Dancing”

Dhow Cruise is unique opportunity to cruise Dubai by night

Check out the world famous mall which has been a shopper delight with various in house entertainments and food courts.